Air Craw 3″


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8PC per BAG, 5BAG per BOX




Crayfish like worm Air Craw!

The Damiki Air Craw features innovative air pockets in each of its claws, which cause them to stand up in a defensive position no matter how you rig it.

A great flip bait, it has a beefy yet streamlined body that can penetrate thick cover – then fan out once it hits open space.

Its plastic formulation is also super soft so you can always get a good hook into fish, and aside from being a great flip bait, it’s also an excellent choice on a shaky head, Carolina-rig, or used as a jig trailer.

Available in a range of killer colors, the Damiki Air Craw is another cutting-edge offering from Damiki Baits.


Throw the Air Craw!

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