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4" 3PC per BAG, 6BAG per BOX


The Damiki Air Frog is the creature addition to the Damiki Air Series.

It features two hollow air chambers on each side, almost like a pontoon boat. Because it doesn’t sink, you don’t always have to keep it moving like a traditional soft plastic frog either.

This means you can pause it over holes in grass and twitch it slowly around structure.

At the end of a cast or anytime it lands on its back, the air pockets also allow it to self-right itself and roll over into the proper position – every time.

A hook-hiding belly slit keeps it from hanging up in the thickest slop cover as well, and also facilitates solid hook sets.

The legs also churn up quite a disturbance in open water and holes in cover thanks to their pigeon-toed paddle feet.

Finally a toad bait that floats like a hollow bodied frog, the Damiki Air Frog spends more time in the strike zone than any other soft plastic frog around.

How to Rig the Bait

1. Put in the screw lock a bit diagonal upward.

2. 6/0 Wide Gap Hook will reach to the edge of the belly slit.

3. Perfectly Rigged

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