Armor Shad 5″


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3" 12PC per BAG, 5BAG per BOX5" 12PC per BAG, 5BAG per BOX




This is what you use to catch Halibut!

Designed to dart and glide through the water, imitating a fleeing baitfish.
It features a ribbed jerkbait body for a larger profile and increased flexibility.

The Armor Shad is also loaded with scent for additional fish attraction,
and its super soft plastic composition in conjunction with its ribbed texture,
creates a lifelike feel that makes bass hold on longer.

Available in a variety of colors, the Damiki Armor Shad is a versatile bait
that has proven deadly for bass, as well as, many saltwater fish species.


How to rig the Down Shot

FLW AOY Bryan Thrift’s Armor Shad 5″ Usage

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