RISER 4″/5.5″


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4.2g (4"), 9.8g (5.5")


4" 12PC per BAG, 5BAG per BOX5.5" 10PC per BAG, 5BAG per BOX




Get’em while you retrieve!

Riser is specially designed to catch fish while retrieving rather than falling.

Inverted triangular shape body makes spiral fall.

With strong jerking, the worm makes zig-zag darting action.

Rig 1

Rig 2

Rig 3

Recommended Setup for PE-Riser Tech

SetupRiser 4″Riser 5.5″
HookWide Gap #1/0 & Screw LockWide Gap #4/0 & Screw Lock
SinkerNone or Flat LeadNail/Neko Sinker 1/64oz~1/16oz
RattleNoneGlass Rattle
LinePE Braid #0.8(12Lb)PE Braid #1.2(18Lb)
LeaderF-Carbon 8lb(70cm)F-Carbon 16lb(70cm)

How to use PE-Riser Technique

Road action vid from PS Kizu (Developer)

Rock Fishing with Neko-Riser

Color Chart