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Metal Jig Designed with Japan for Cutlassfish Jigging

Metal Jig specialized for Cutlassfish jigging. Tachigui was pre-released and tested in Japan 2 years ago and beloved by many hairtail jiggers

Off-Center Balanced Metal Jig

Most basic cutlassfish jigs are bottom balanced for fast fall, but the balance of Tachigui is more closer to the center.

However, its sharp edge gives it more precise action followed by the jigger’s dynamic rod control.

Adding on to that,

its streamlined body shape reduces the water resistance to make it fall or retrieve easier.


Drop it Deeper!

150g and 180g version was added to aim bigger fish

From several years of field experiences, we found that making the body longer is better than making it thicker in deep cutlassfish jigging.

Therefore, 150g and 180g has longer body than 100g and 125g.

Glow in the Dark is the Key

In case of Korea, majority of hartail jigging occurs in night time. So we offer more glow colors than Japan.

Tachigui in Action!

Hartail/Cutlassfish Jigging Team Dragon Slayers tests Tachugui in Jeju Island.